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  • Standing seam metal roofing has been used successfully in the United States for centuries, and proper specification is key to realizing its intended performance. Examined here are: the factors driving the demand for standing seam metal roof and wall systems; standing seam panel basics; gauge and grade; oil canning; specification considerations; testing standards; and forming, delivery, storage, handling, and warranty.

  • Roofing technologies have come a long way from labor-intensive BUR systems that achieved watertightness through redundancy. Today’s single-ply membranes are thin, light, and reliable, and installation is safe and efficient. This course focuses on thermoplastic single-plies, particularly those that are PVC based, and explores their benefits and limitations as well as the important factors to consider when selecting a roof system, ranging from fastening techniques to warranties to sustainability.

  • With the advent of “cool” single-ply roofs featuring heat-reflective exterior surfaces and the use of mechanical attachment, new questions have emerged concerning the internal forces at play within the roofing system, especially in regard to vapor movement and the potential for moisture condensation within the roof. This course reviews the fundamentals of vapor movement in roofing systems, current roof condensation research, and the tools available to assess roof condensation. It also provides the building design professional with strategies to deal effectively with moisture movement within the roofing system.