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SOSS Door Hardware

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  • The design community has become increasingly focused on ensuring that the products and places they create suit the diverse needs and differing abilities of everyone. This course explores how universal design principles and products can inform design to create places that are safer, more comfortable, visually appealing, and usable and that provide a richer experience for all users. This exploration utilizes the examples of door hardware and the needs of a diverse group of users including senior citizens and others to explain some of these principles and provides a detailed examination of a universally designed door latch.

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  • Considering door hardware early in the design process enhances the aesthetics and functionality of a space. Invisible hinges balance durability, security, and ease of use without detracting from the design. This course examines standard invisible hinges as well as those for fire-rated and closer doors, and offers guidance on specification and installation. Case studies demonstrate the array of invisible hinge applications, and innovative door hardware solutions for powered entry and ADA compliance are presented.