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  • Synthetic or artificial grass bears virtually no resemblance to its early version produced over fifty years ago. The current product is much more aesthetically pleasing, safer, softer, and durable, made with environmentally friendly materials, highly customizable to suit many indoor and outdoor uses, and recyclable and nonflammable. This course details the many sustainable attributes of this material; its benefits, construction, and certifications; and numerous sample installations.

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  • The implementation of synthetic surfacing for leisure and performance applications is rapidly growing. Artificial materials such as synthetic turf (grass), synthetic green walls, and poured-in-place and court surfacing often outperform their natural counterparts. Additionally, increased safety standards and design expectations have accelerated innovation in the materials available to designers. This course outlines synthetic surfacing options and examines synthetic turf systems, detailing their design considerations, performance features, sustainability and health benefits, and associated return on investment (ROI).