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Panasonic Industrial Devices, Building Materials Group

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  • PVC-coated galvanized steel coil for roofing is made for fabrication into metal roofs, as well as the coping, fascia, and flashing typically used for low and steep slopes in the residential and commercial sectors. This course discusses its manufacture and performance properties to show why it ensures a long roof life, even in harsh and corrosive environments.

    Prerequisites: Metal roof design and specification

    Course Level: Intermediate

  • Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) offer higher thermal resistance per unit thickness than traditional insulation materials. This means a building envelope can meet the effective R-values for enclosures required by the energy codes without having to increase the thickness of the walls, roof, or floors. This course discusses how VIPs work, why they are effective, and the impact the properties of the materials used to construct a VIP can have on its performance. VIP installations and the latest developments in VIP technology are reviewed to illustrate the advantages of using VIPs as thermal insulation in the design of energy-efficient buildings.