SureSeal USA

4900 Engineers Way #102
Las Vegas, NV 89031
Phone: 800-636-6677

We are proud to make available to you the finest stone and masonry sealer in the world! SURE SEAL is the best sealer on the market today - proven time after time against all other competitors. Sure Seal has passed the tough testing standards of the Tile Council of America. The Repellency of SURE SEAL is beyond compare in the stone and masonry industry. SURE SEAL is an invisible impregnator, which repels most water and oil-based stains with no change or alteration to the original surface. SURE SEAL can be applied to freshly installed grout and maintain maximum repellency. SURE SEAL is the only sealer in the world that can achieve this. No more costly return trips for sealing grout lines, they can now be sealed at the time of installation.