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Dayton, NJ 08810
Phone: 609-395-1300

We believe in energy-efficient buildings, with happier occupants. That is why we develop motors and controls for high performance facades.

Somfy Projects is a division of Somfy entirely dedicated to project business. We offer a wide range of intelligent controls and quiet motors that optimize the visual and thermal comfort, energy consumption, aesthetic appeal of the facade, and utilization of natural light in working and living environments. Our Project department consists of competent field experts and experienced teams with a profound knowledge of automation and the solar shading industry.

Somfy Technology - Somfy holds over 450 active patents with constant development of new products and technologies that reshape the industry.

Energy Savings - Dynamic solar shading is a must to create a high performance facade! Our cooling and heating strategies aim to reduce the energy consumption rate that is required to operate a building, while ensuring a comfortable climate for the occupants.

Building Controls - Somfy's animeo range is compatible with all sun shading devices. The animeo portfolio consists of intelligent building controls, motor controls, local controls, and a full array of sensors and additional accessories.