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Atco Noise Management (Div of Atco Structures Inc.)

1243 McKnight Boulevard NE
Calgary, AB T2E 5T1
Phone: 403-292-7804

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ATCO Noise Management is very good at doing one "not so simple" thing - noise reduction. Not so long ago, noise wasn't even considered as a source of pollution. Nowadays, however, noise control is a mandatory requirement for just about every type of industrial initiative. With industry under the ever-watchful eye of public interest groups and government legislators, plant owners and operators are requiring the guaranteed compliance to noise level targets that ATCO Noise Management's team of acoustical engineers and acoustical consultants deliver. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of specialized acoustic assemblies and a complete range of silencing products and solutions, ATCO Noise Management ensures that industrial facilities and other sources of noise comply with current and anticipated future noise regulations. Our project installations range from the very simple to the very complex, with no two projects having exactly the same specifications or scope. However, one thing that remains the same for each acoustical project, is that ATCO Noise Management guarantees you will meet your noise reduction target.