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Essex Structural Steel Co.

115-1 Port Watson St.
Cortland, NY 13045
Phone: 800.323.7739
Fax: 607.753.6272,

Essex has been manufacturing steel buildings since 1972. The focus of our marketing has been the northeast. We pride ourselves on structural integrity. We engineer our buildings to withstand severe northeast weather, and have never experienced a structural failure on either our pre-engineered steel or our pole buildings. We couple our engineering designs with quality manufacturing to provide you with a building package we are certain will meet your needs. The Essex metal building has been used for factories, riding arenas, agricultural buildings, restaurants, aviation, and hockey rinks. We have manufactured buildings as large as 80,000 sq. ft. with craneways supporting 60 ton cranes, and as small as 400 sq. ft. utility buildings. Considering a new building? Many of our customers have purchased an Essex building package directly from us and built it themselves. Essex will also provide contractor references upon request. These contractors are experienced in erecting our buildings and would be happy to give you a quote.