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Keltron Corp.

225 Crescent St., 2nd Floor
Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: (781) 894 - 8710
Fax: (781) 899 - 9652

The Company was established in 1961 for the engineering and manufacturing of a variety of state-of-the-art electronic and electro-mechanical products and services. The Fire and Security Systems Division of Keltron Corporation was established in 1967 with the introduction of digital printers for the Fire and Security Alarm Industry. In 1971, a printer system was developed to monitor contact closures and print a programmable four digit number plus an identifier code of four alpha characters. Next, we added a system for coded signals which decoded, displayed, and printed outputs of mechanically coded signals produced by fire and security alarm systems. These systems were combined with visual annunciators and their installation saved traditional and expensive point-to-point electrical wiring.