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XtremeInterior Architectural Solutions (aka XtremeIAS)

13623 Pike Road
Stafford, TX 77477
Phone: 281-499-9604
Fax: 281-499-8948
Toll-free: 800-334-1676

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As a division of Tamlyn, XtremeInterior Architectural Solutions is excited to provide the newest product line available from a leader in the architectural supply industry.

For the past 10 years Tamlyn has delivered superior quality, pricing and selection through XtremeTrim®, providing custom designs and colors to a variety of exterior trim projects.

Tamlyn has remained a family owned business since it was established in 1971, expanding from a small manufacturing company for building products into a diverse multi-product line serving several areas of architectural supply needs. Tamlyn is ever evolving and now continues to lead the way in selection and creating modern interior trims that are sustainable, durable, lightweight and easy to use.

A team of our architects led the process of selecting and designing each profile for the desired aesthetic effect and specific application. We offer quality products, competitive prices and fast service. While we recognize we are in a global economy, we remain committed to making products by choice in the USA where possible, giving customers a quality domestic option.

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