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High End Systems

2217 W. Braker Lane
Austin, TX 78758
Phone: 512.836.2242
Fax: 512.837.5290

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When a musician, a DJ and a photographer joined forces in the 1970s, little did they know their business would ultimately become High End Systems Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of automated lighting. Their mission was simple: Provide high quality products with great service. Backed by an innovative R&D team and an enthusiastic sales force, High End set out to change the lighting world. The company's first major effort was the Color Pro? color changing luminaire in 1988. This fixture required strict color consistency, but making that happen wasn?t easy. Dichroics were the answer. Unlike gels which fade and wear out, dichroic filters are extremely durable, transmit more light, and give richer colors. In order to maintain the highest standards, High End built its own dichroic laboratory. This investment eventually resulted in High End?s revolutionary LithoPatterns?, and has let High End lead the way in optical thin film production. The Intellabeam? followed in 1989, heralding High End?s entry into the world of automated lighting?then still in its infancy. While primitive by today?s standards, the "Ibeam" quickly became a common sight in facilities around the world. Intellabeam 700HX catapulted High End into the middle of the professional touring market, starting with Dire Straits' 1991 tour.