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Livingston Systems

10 Paul Foulke Parkway, Hagerstown Industrial Park
Hagerstown, IN 47346
Phone: 800-624-4381
Fax: 765-489-4359

Livingston Systems, a leader for over 10 years in the manufacturing of manual screen printing equipment, has designed the Press Champ. The Press Champ is a manual printing press designed to work efficiently without being overly complicated. Standard features include micro-adjustments to fine-tune the registration. The Press Champ is a speed table, this is where the base of the press that holds the Alumibond platens rotates separately from the top printing head section. This feature allows for higher production because someone can be loading a fresh shirt while the printer is printing. This feature also makes flash-curing between colors much easier. The Press Champ is an all-heads-down press which allows more than one person to print at the same time. The Press Champ can be upgraded and has optional attachments for your printing needs.