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Avonite, Inc.

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Belen, NM 87002
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Since 1983 Avonite has set the benchmark for what is possible in solid surface. The company's unbridaled creativity in product development and new applications has enriched the entire solid surface industry. Avonite is the ideal creative partner for those who have the passion to bring forth an original idea and take it beyond ordinary. Avonite is a patented, non-porous blend of resins and mineral fillers. This creates a unique material that looks like stone but cuts like wood. The grain pattern goes completely through, allowing three-dimensional shaping. This means that with Avonite you get a beautiful, surface that is always renewable. Cigarette burns, nicks and scratches are easily removed with light sanding. The non-porous surface will not support the growth of bacteria like natural products, including hardwoods and even granite or marble. And only Avonite solid surface material gives provides unique benefits such as: