Xypex Chemical Corporation

Xypex Chemical Corporation

13731 Mayfield Place
Richmond, BC V6V 2G9
Phone: 604-273-5265
Toll-free: 800-961-4477

For more than fifty years, the ground-breaking crystalline technology of Xypex Chemical Corporation has been serving concrete users around the world.

In more than 90 countries, the proprietary crystalline waterproofing products of Xypex Chemical Corporation are stocked, sold and supported by a worldwide network of distributors and licensees. The Crystalline Waterproofing Technology that makes Xypex so uniquely effective in waterproofing, protecting and enhancing concrete, was developed in Vancouver in 1969. Since then, in both hemispheres, in every climatic challenge, and in widely varying construction situations, our technology has been tested and proven.

Today, Xypex sets the standard of exacting excellence in its field, and continues to be specified and applied in more and more major concrete applications.

  • Additives for Ready-Mix Concrete
    Additives for Ready-Mix Concrete
  • Coatings for Existing Concrete
    Coatings for Existing Concrete
  • Dryshakes for Fresh Slabs
    Dryshakes for Fresh Slabs
  • Concrete Repair Materials
    Concrete Repair Materials