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8007 Aitken Road
Chilliwack, BC V2R 4H5
Phone: 800-663-9844
Fax: 604-792-3930

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Woodtone is the premier value-add wood manufacturer, beautifying the exteriors of buildings across North America. Our specialty lies in high grade, factory coated exterior building products. From siding and trim to columns and corners, Woodtone produces quality products and provides the highest level of service.

Woodtone is a family run business with strong ties to the community. Woodtone will earn your trust through our 30 plus year reputation for quality products, exceptional service and dedication to our customers.

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Woodtone also specializes in pre-finishing and custom coating for your specific project resulting and time and money savings for your company.

RealTrim Plus™ is a factory primed exterior trim and fascia product manufactured from the renewable forests of Western Canada. It is a beautiful tight grained substrate that can, as a result of our manufacturing processes, handle all that Mother Nature can dish out. Because of our attention to detail, RealTrim Plus has the only 15 year substrate warranty that actually makes sense.

RealPost™ is a structurally certified exterior post with an ERS/ICC approval. RealPost is the choice for your exterior post requirements. Primed and ready for installation RealPost eliminates the need for on the job site post building, wrapping and priming.

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As an alternative to composites, vinyl, brick and other exterior building products the RealWood™ Family of Products offers you a one step solution to eliminating builder call-backs and improving curb appeal.

For further information call specialists at Woodtone at 1-800-663-9844 or visit us at

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