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Impact Recovery Systems

4955 Stout Drive
San Antonio, TX 78219
Phone: 210-736-4477
Fax: 210-734-6448
Toll-free: 800-736-5256

Impact Recovery System’s revolutionary new steel bollard system solves the problems of rigid bollards while retaining the benefits. The SlowStop® Bollard is a revolutionary energy absorbing bollard that does more than just block access. During a collision, the kinetic energy of the impact is progressively absorbed by an elastomer hidden in the base of the bollard. The post is able to tilt approximately 20° as it progressively absorbs energy, greatly dampening any impact. After impact, the post returns upright, leaving the guard intact and ready to perform again.

The benefits of the system are numerous:

  • Simple concrete surface mount installation in as little as 15 minutes
  • Vehicle occupant safety is improved
  • Damage is reduced to both the vehicle and the bollard from impact
  • Natural shearing allows for post-tensioned concrete installation
  • Damaged modular parts are easily replaced
  • Flexible relocation without filling large core holes
  • Easily create handicap parking sign bollards without wheel stops

Protect buildings, utilities, pedestrians, and equipment. SlowStop Bollards are available in 3”, 4” and 6” diameters. Modular connectors are available to create fencings and guardrails. An ADA compliant handicap parking sign is also available.