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Travis Industries

12521 Harbour Reach Drive
Mukilteo, WA 98275
Phone: 1-425-609-2500
Toll-free: 1-800-654-1177

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ are the most innovative and unique fireplaces ever made. DaVinci is a fusion of fire and iconic, contemporary design – the epitome of the perfect decorative, non-heating gas fireplace in all areas of design, innovation and functionality. With DaVinci, there are virtually no design limitations. You have the ability to create a fireplace in seven different design configurations that ranges from 3-66 feet in length with glass heights of either 12”, 20”, 30” or 36” and 58”tall.

The breathtaking beauty and style of a DaVinci Custom Fireplace™ will create a dramatic focal point in any room. A sleek, contemporary profile features an all-glass viewing area that surrounds a ribbon of rich, dancing flames. DaVinci’s signature presentation draws you in with its striking presence of mesmerizing flames over a bed of Platinum reflective crushed glass with adjustable vibrant multi-color LED lighting.

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ are manufactured in Mukilteo, Washington by Travis Industries, the largest, privately-owned hearth manufacturing company in North America.

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