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No home improvement transforms a home as dramatically and cost effectively as vinyl siding. With the appearance of wood, vinyl siding has extreme aesthetic appeal. Unlike wood, vinyl siding is easy to maintain and is protected from the elements! You will be confident in your choice for your home.

Your home is your castle, which means you need to treat it right. Using aluminum is a wise choice because it helps the siding stand up strong against all types of weather, including harsh exposure to heat, cold, rain, and snow. Beautiful colours and a choice of smooth and textured finishes are certain to please homeowners for generations to come.

Elevate the look of your home with our new Urbanix Aluminum Cladding and Soffit Collection. The sleek look is perfectly suited for modern contemporary designs. Urbanix’ clean lines will push style to the edge. Incorporate it with other materials and finishes to create contrast and add curb appeal.

Rainwater can cause serious damage to your home, such as excessive moisture and molding, if the proper rain carrying systems are not installed. Our high-quality, low-maintenance rainware prevents rain and snow from damaging your home. Complement your siding with matching rainware, and rest assured your house will get noticed.

Finishing Touches
Finishing touches on the exterior of your home bring your personal sense of style to life. The accessories that you choose will stay with you for a long time, so you want to make sure you do it right.

Engineered Wood Siding
A beautiful choice for your Home KWP Engineered wood siding and trimboard offers all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood siding. Made with 100% recycled wood content, this product delivers a combination of detailed craftsmanship with durability, versatility, ease of maintenance, and a vast choice of profiles and colors. Available in both smooth and textured finishes, KWP siding is the perfect touch for an exceptional look for years to come.

Windows are among the first things people notice about your home, so you may consider putting window replacement at the top of your list. Our windows will not only boost the exterior appeal of your home, they will also help you save on energy costs. With better insulation, you can enjoy a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter.

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