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  • Architectural laminated glass has become an increasingly desired material for indoor and outdoor projects, and digital imagery is a popular method of incorporating design elements. This course describes how vector graphics can be used in architectural design, what vector graphics are, and how they differ from raster images. It also examines in detail how vector graphics are used in architectural laminated glass...

  • While architects and designers have many choices for specifying dynamic architectural surfaces in their projects, the result of using photography in such applications has historically presented challenges. This course explores typical digital images used in glass installations, gigapixel photography, guidelines for glass transparency, and the impacts of luminosity and reflectivity. Finally, it looks at potential applications for gigapixel images in large- or small-scale architectural surfaces.

  • Architects and designers have many options for specifying site furniture products for their projects, and selecting materials and finishes is an integral part of this process; yet, making material selections has become more and more complex. The course examines conditions and constraints of outdoor environments; evaluates materials commonly used in outdoor applications; discusses using green building standards and rating systems, and the role of suppliers as resources for material selection; and provides examples of products that adhere to a higher environmental standard.

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