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Thermo Manufacturing, Inc.

3709 Columbus Road NE
Canton, OH 44705
Phone: (888) 678-3709
Fax: (888) 678-8711

Thermo Manufacturing is dedicated to developing innovative products for the heating and cooling industry. Incorporated in 1992, Thermo Manufacturing resulted from a series of ideas founder Darryl L. Snyder had while he was an HVAC contractor. Snyder's credentials as a sheetmetal journeyman contributed to his ability to find solutions to longstanding HVAC problems. His first creation was Thermo-Pan, a lightweight, sound absorbing alternative to the sheetmetal used in return air ducts. In addition to Thermo-Pan, Thermo Manufacturing created an entire family of products to make installations easier and more professsional-looking for the contractor. All Thermo products are designed to be simple and functional.