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Marley Engineered Products

Marley Engineered Products

470 Beauty Spot Road East
Bennettsville, SC 29512
Phone: 843-479-4006

Located in Bennettsville, South Carolina, Marley Engineered Products delivers heating and ventilation solutions for maximum comfort in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Our heating and ventilation brand portfolio includes BERKO®, QMARK®, FAHRENHEAT®, LEADING EDGE®, and MARLEY INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS.

Marley offers a full line of electric baseboard space heaters, plus convector heater and radiant ceiling heating models. Whether you need an electric infrared heater, a portable garage heater, an electric unit heater, or other wall-mounted heaters, Marley Engineered Products has the supplemental heat you need.

On the ventilation side, Marley offers air curtain models as well as exhaust and ceiling fans, including fans designed for specialized applications.