Flannery, Inc.

Flannery, Inc.

7400 Oak Grove Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76140
Phone: 682-207-2650
Toll-free: 800-765-7585

LEED Documentation for Flannery Products:

If you require LEED documentation for your project you can submit our material content letters (linked below) or submit your LEED Forms to us and we will fill them out. You can fax them to (818) 837-1155 or e-mail info@flannerytrim.com and our sales department will complete them and submit them back to you. Please keep in mind that the material content of Flannery’s trims does fluctuate and will be closely monitored for any major changes.

LEED Information for Aluminum Extrusions:

LEED Information for Steel Trims & Accessories:

LEED Information for Vinyl Trims & Accessories:

Our Green Outlook:

Flannery has been well represented for years by the Green Shamrock in its logo. It is a symbol for our company and a reminder of our commitment to being more "Green". We are fully engaged in the "Green" movement that is taking place in the construction industry. We are committed to implementing new ways to run our manufacturing plant that are more environmentally responsible. Our goal is to produce products that are viable and sustainable for the future of our industry and our planet.

Flannery has manufactured aluminum, steel, and vinyl trims for the drywall and stucco industries for over 30 years. Since our founding in the late 70’s, we have recycled our scrap and leftover materials from the production process in an attempt to reduce the cost of doing business as well as its impact on the world around us. We are thrilled to be a manufacturer of aluminum trims knowing full well the benefits of a product that can be recycled once its intended purpose comes to an end. Flannery looks forward to its continued relationship with our "Green" vendors and customers who look to reduce the environmental impact our industry has on the world.