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Schlegel Systems

1555 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623
Phone: 800-204-0863
Fax: 1 716 427 9993

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From its early days as a maker of trims for the transportation and clothing industries, the company has become renowned for developing a wide range of innovative solutions that meet the needs of customers worldwide. One of the company's initial products was "surrey fringe" for horse-drawn buggies. When the automobile replaced the buggy, Schlegel became a major supplier of woven interior trim products, and one of the nation's leading manufacturers of narrow-fabric textile products. Today products include edge and seat trims, sway bar bushing liner, and Spray Suppressant? skirting for the automotive and aerospace industries. When the window industry needed seals that would keep out air and water, yet allow the window to operate easily, Schlegel provided the answer with the first woven pile weatherstripping products. By the late 1960s, polypropylene replaced wool and a center fin was added to improve air infiltration performance. The result was FIN-SEAL? weatherstripping.