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  • Millennial consumers are committed to making environmentally sustainable purchasing choices. But what makes a product truly sustainable? This course presents data to show that thermally fused laminate (TFL) and other waste wood fiber products are among the most sustainable building materials on the market. Forest management, the properties that make wood climate positive, efficiencies in the panel manufacturing process, and the criteria and processes behind environmental certification are discussed.

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  • Thermally fused laminate (TFL), also known as melamine panels, has become the leader in durable realism in kitchens, closets, home offices, and organized storage, delivering great value, quality, and safety without sacrificing design. Presented here is the evolution and manufacture of TFL and its properties and performance attributes, the link between texture and perception and the role texture plays in the visual impact of a TFL panel, and finally, residential living trends that are forcing designers and manufacturers to innovate.

  • Les consommateurs milléniaux sont déterminés à faire des choix d’achat durables sur le plan environnemental. Mais qu’est-ce qui rend un produit véritablement durable? Ce cours présente des données qui indiquent que les panneaux décoratifs en bois composite (TFL) et d’autres produits faits de résidus de fibre de bois font partie des matériaux de construction les plus durables sur le marché. Ce cours aborde la gestion des forêts, les propriétés qui font les panneaux décoratifs en bois composite (TFL) affichent un bilan climatique positif, l’efficacité associée au processus de fabrication des panneaux et les critères et processus associés à la certification environnementale.