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bird control systems are based in Boston, Massachusetts and over the last nine years have redefined standards for bird control systems on historic and high profile buildings. Our projects have included the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall and the National Cathedral. We operate not only nationally but also internationally. Our approach to bird control is very simple, we use the best quality materials combined with the highest level of design and installation. We recognized, early in our development, that successful bird control relies ten percent on materials used and ninety percent on the ingenuity and skill of the installer. Skill is the area where we excel above all other companies. Just take a look at our Sample Projects Page and you be the judge. We provide cost free consulting services to help you develop a strategic bird control system for your individual and unique bird control problem. Our designs utilize the existing features and contours of buildings making our finished installations virtually invisible. We will be happy to visit your project site and outline to you how can resolve your bird infestation problems