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This map has been derived from information contained in the 1994 edition of the Uniform Building CodeTM (UBC), copyright 1994. It has been adapted and reprinted with the permission of the publisher, the International Conference of Building Officials. It is provided as an aid to Acran's customers for determining the approximate UBC seismic zone for various cities. The zone lines as superimposed on the map are an approximation of the seismic risk for that area. Actual seismic risk should be determined by a local registered professional engineer or the local authority having jurisdiction. Many areas of the United States have not adopted the Uniform Building CodeTM, and therefore, this may not be the appropriate methodology for determining your seismic risk. If the project engineer has calculated the seismic risk by lateral acceleration rather than by zone, use of this or any map is unnecessary. Any user of this map agrees to hold Acran, its heirs, successors, officers, stockholders harmless against any and all claims that may arise from the use and/or misuse of this map.