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  • Outdoor porcelain pavers have many benefits. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable, easy-to-clean and have incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2200 lb) creating the perfect solution for gardens, terraces, and high traffic outdoor areas. This course will provide an overview of the manufacturing process of porcelain pavers, explain various installation methods, and discuss how porcelain pavers can contribute to today‚Äôs green building programs.

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  • The concept of stabilized earth structures has been around for centuries. Historically, grass mats, straw, and branches have been used to stabilize soil. Now, soil reinforcement utilizes technologically advanced geosynthetic materials to secure earth in retaining walls, bridge abutments, and many other applications. This course reviews the basic concepts about segmental retaining wall systems, focusing on geogrid reinforcement applications, site conditions, and the construction sequence. Key success factors are also discussed.